The current Ukraine-Russia crisis poses a significant challenge for many business institutions, creating an overall sense of uncertainty about how working processes in various areas will continue and the changes that will be required to adapt effectively. This intense situation, however, demonstrates that people are the beating heart of every organisation.

And this is what we, at Updata One, stand for in a time of crisis

As a “One” community, we advocate for unity and peaceful coexistence, as well as collaboration, because united we can achieve more than divided.

Updata One expresses its solidarity and sympathy to the Ukraine refugees affected by the ongoing military conflict.

“Ordinary, working people, regardless of where they live or work, do not want a war. I believe the presence of a military conflict, no matter where it occurs, is detrimental to our industry. It is critical to concentrate on how to reduce the negative consequences of this situation, both in terms of people’s lives and in terms of business,” says Ilia Krastev, CEO at A Data Pro.

As part of the process of adaptation and settlement of Ukrainian refugees, the Updata One community is offering opportunities for professional development.

All our currently available positions can be found here:

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.