A Data Pro is proud to say that we partnered and participated in a joint event organised by Bulgaria Wants You and AIBEST, held in Blagoevgrad. 

In their first collaborative event, both organizations took on the task of presenting and talking in detail about the current career opportunities in Bulgaria. 

In recent years, many young people have struggled finding their career path. We believe that job fairs and events with similar essence are very important for the younger generation and even for the local economy. 

About the event

Bulgaria Wants You and AIBEST collaborated for the first time to organize an event aimed at young people, who are currently looking at how to start their career journey. 

The main goal behind the event was to present career opportunities in some of the most successful companies in Bulgaria. Some of the companies that participated in the event were A Data Pro, Pontica Solutions, DXC, Palfinger, and others. 

The event also featured the ‘speed dating’ style meet-ups between HRs from various companies and visitors. By meeting the HR from companies, visitors will be able to present their resumes and talk about their experience. 

A Data Pro participated with a separate booth, where visitors could talk to HRs or other team members, and see the career opportunities at the company. Furthermore, Vladimir Petkov, Chief Data Officer at Updata One and CEO at Identrics, held a presentation, where he talked about his own career path and some of the steps he took to achieve his goals.

Vladimir also shared opinion on the importance of participating in inspiring causes. 

A Data Pro is no stranger to social causes, as the company not only participates but also financially supports many events that are particularly targeted at young people looking for employment or educational prospects.. 

We were incredibly happy to take part in such a significant occasion that helped young people and others looking for employment prospects better understand the local job market. 

Finding what’s best for you can take a long time. What we hope is that we contribute and make it easier for anyone interested in taking control over their career path. 

Check out our open positions and start a career journey at Updata One.