The concept of joining forces together to get stronger goes way beyond our present time and our current perception. Be it the Captain Planet animated series, which showed the millennial generation that all natural powers work best when they are together. Be it the legend of Khan Kubrat who gathered his sons and taught them that, unlike a single wooden stick, a bundle of sticks would be unbreakable. Be it our wedding vows – in our most precious and most emotional moments, we tend to promise our loved one to stay together “for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health.” 

The ancient message has always been the same throughout time. The synergy of a community is always stronger than the sole sum of each of its separate members. 

Updata One believes this message by heart because Updata One means more than just the assembly of A Data Pro, Identrics, Perceptica and See News. More than the refined mixture of analysis, knowledge, technology, innovation, research and communication. Updata One is a vital creature that embodies our core values and ideas and brings them forward to the world.

We know that collaboration is the future of work. This is why we decided to bring our efforts, concepts and teams even closer together in the Updata One community. 

In the complex environment of today’s world, everyone is constantly bombarded with information from various sources and we cannot accumulate it effectively. The way people use information becomes more and more complicated. Тhe most scarce resource of the world has now become so abundant, it leads to disrupted reality and decision paralysis.  

Updata One’s role in this environment is to work, serve and develop itself as a guardian of trust. Becoming easier to be recognised is only a tiny step in this direction. By the collaboration between our four companies, between artificial intelligence and the human brain, between data and sentiment, between us and our colleagues, partners and clients, we embraced the future of work and togetherness. And we will make sense of information. We will do it as One.

As a notorious secret agent would probably introduce us… “One, Updata One.”