L’Arc de Triomphe, Wrapped is an artwork by Christo and Jeanne-Claude in 2021 that wrapped the Parisian Arc de Triomphe in a silver-blue fabric. A long-standing dream realised, the wrapping of The Arc drew over 6 million visitors and massive responses from the media and social networks.

To measure this impact A Data Pro and Identrics relied on our data collection and transformation frameworks coupled with our editorial teams’ domain expertise.

Data collection

Identrics utilized our global monitoring operation sourcing data from news sites, blogs, forums, as well as company news and announcements from government bodies.

Encompassing over 130,000 websites and indexing over 1.5 million documents per day.

We focused on articles and posts from 2021 mentioning either Christo or Jeanne-Claude in the context of their artwork as a whole and their latest one with the wrapping of the Arc.

The same approach was applied to social network content to gain a full perspective on the scale of the impact in both traditional media and user-generated content.

Data enrichment

Collected articles were tracked for their social media footprint and annotated with how much attention they garnered by being shared, commented and reacted to in social networks. This gave us the user engagement performance measurement of how content created by journalists was adopted by their readers and in turn communicated to their audiences in their social network circles.

Data analysis and report design

Stemming from our experience and expertise both in conventional and social media monitoring and listening, we produced a bespoke report aimed at providing a top overview and clear understanding of the volume of conversation around the topic “L’Arc de Triomphe, Wrapped”, and how it evolved during 2021.

The reporting process is built upon the stages of content harvesting, search-string development and optimization, data cleaning, and insight generation. We used our own dashboards and built the custom graphs analysis. This effort aimed to put the big volume of data (the coverage) into simplified breakdowns of type of media and geographical reach.

We defined the most appropriate approach to visualise data in the report in a way that the report audience could at a glance understand the impact this art project had on the public.

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