Updata One is proud of our training programs, which aim to develop and perfect our employees’ skills. As a new employee, every analyst goes through training to ensure they will meet all job expectations. As a company, Updata One is proud to prioritize our employees’ development through education, traineeship programs, detailed feedback, and other educational programs that are available to all employees regardless of their experience at the company. Thanks to the many development programs we offer, we are proud to say that our analysts and employees are one of the best in the media analytics market. 

Even if a candidate does not have relevant experience, they should not be afraid to apply. Our training programs are offered in formats adjusted to the needs and experience of every employee. It can range from the full onboarding program for all new analysts and training programs for current employees, engaging in new projects, to specific educational courses.

The first job interview

When first applying for a position at the company, you may be asked to go through an interview. Job interviews can be nerve-wracking, but our top managers have some advice to all people going through the process.

Konstantin Boyanov, Manager DevOps and System Administration, A Data Pro:

Come prepared for your interview. Always be on time. Look and dress smart. It leaves a good impression if you’ve done some research on the company in advance.

Polina Georgieva, Team Manager, A Data Pro

I believe that the job interview is a two-way street, which is why I am always impressed with candidates who are actively asking questions about the organization. This is how I know that they have a genuine interest, know exactly what they are searching for, and strive to find it with their future employer.

Vasil Shivachev, COO, Identrics:

It is impressive to meet a candidate who has spent time and effort researching our business. This, in combination with the necessary skill set, shows me I have found the right person for the team.” 

Rostislav Petrov, Project Lead, A Data Pro:

I’m looking for curiosity. I have great faith in people’s ability to learn and grow. A candidate may have many flaws, but if they are willing to learn, and to give their very best, I’ll be there to cheer them on.

UpdataOne Training Programs

As we mentioned earlier, UpdataOne is very proud of its award-winning training program. And our Training and Development Manager, Desislava Petrova, shared some insights on the training process: 

“My team and I have invested great efforts into creating optimal onboarding for every newcomer at Updata One. We have developed comprehensive and flexible training plans to meet any possible needs of recruits so that they feel comfortable, even if it is a first job experience. The onboarding process goes through initial training comprising online courses, practice sessions, and regular feedback discussions with a designated personal Training Specialist, followed by project-specific training. We use a blended learning approach that combines self-training methods with live sessions, which works beautifully regardless of the trainee’s location.“

Desislava also mentioned some information about the company’s strategy for learning and development. She shared that the core belief behind the company’s strategy for learning and development is that people have no boundaries to learn as long as they have the right motivation and environment. The company provides many learning opportunities such as internship programs and scholarship funding. The company also collaborates with several major Bulgarian universities. 

Begin your professional journey

Updata One takes pride in providing educational and training programs for employees and trainees. We believe that is the only way to keep people motivated and to improve their skills to a top level. 

If you are interested in being part of our team, you can look through the Career page of our website, or simply contact us!